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PlayStation 3 is the Leading Gaming Consoles of Sony

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recently, Sony introduced the most famous games on its gaming console – PlayStation 3. The most famous game on Sony PlayStation 3 - Final Fantasy XIII has increased the sales of this gaming console.

Before a week, Final Fantasy XIII is launched on Sony PlayStation 3. In Japan, the gaming console has gotten good popularity due to its new game. Overall sales of December have increased due to Final Fantasy XIII.

According to the media center of Sony, “The "Final Fantasy XIII" software scored a major success for Square Enix with sales of just over 1.5 million copies over its first four days.” The news was published in PC World.

Top 10 games on Sony PlayStation have given a new form of this console. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Demon Souls, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Killzone 2 and Trine games has really dominated the market of Sony PS 3.

In 2009, PlayStation 3 dominates the best games. There is no way to ignore the console in the competition of Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.

The market of Sony PS3 Slim 250GB was very high in last month but it was higher than Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.

In the recent analysis, we had found that Xbox 360 has gotten good popularity on social media web site. In this period, sales of Nintendo Wii were very high but the popular trend was in the favour of Xbox 360 gaming console.

Now, after a month, we are seeing a drastic change in gaming consoles market. New trend favours Sony PlayStation 3 market.

The change is nothing but new popular games on the console. In this series, Final Fantasy XIII has led the sales and market of PlayStation 3 console.

Overall, 2009 market of Sony PlayStation 3 was the best. The game console comes in a new form to its consumers.

The Biggest Popularity of Xbox Live and Xbox 360 on Social Site

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the recent analysis, Microsoft revealed figure about the popularity of Xbox live. According to the analysis, about 2 millions users of Xbox Live have logged into Facebook social site. Similarly, about half million users have created an account on the in the first 24 hours. Number of Twitter users is same as the Xbox Live users.

The data is nothing but the popularity of Xbox Live in the social media. On the social site, Xbox Live has gotten good popularity in the recent days. Now, the user’s trends are very clear. Some users surly like to spend their time on Facebook or Twitter instead of watching movies or playing games.

On the other had, the biggest news is covered by MVC today. It is the biggest online shop of UK. It has concluded the sales of Xbox 360, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. According to it, Xbox 360 would be the winner of Xmas 2009 gaming consoles war.

Analysis of past 2 years is in the favour of Xbox 360. Sales of Xbox 360 were higher in comparison of Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii. However, this year, customers are much familiar with Sony when it cut the price of its console by £50. Customers are going with Sony also because of Sony PS3 Slim.

In the past two months, PS3 had gotten good popularity and its sales was about much higher than Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii but in the current month, sales of Wii is very high than both.

However, it is being considered that Xbox 360 will beat Nintendo Wii and PlayStation in coming December. Currently, sales of Nintendo Wii is very high than PS3 and Xbox 360. In the recent time, sales of Sony PS3 are very low in comparison of both consoles.

Increasing users on social media is the trends of more sales in coming future. On social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and – Xbox Live and Xbox 360 have created greater popularity. Sales trends are also in the favour of Xbox consoles. So, we can conclude our analysis in the favour of Xbox 360 gaming consoles as the Xmas consoles in coming month.

Sony PS3 Slim 250GB Model from November 3 onwards in North America

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sony PS3 Slim 250GB Model
Recently, Sony confirms about the PS3 Slim 250GB model. Sony 250GB PlayStation 3 gaming console is launching this year in November. Just, before a month ago Sony had announced to launch PS3 Slim 120GB model in $299 and now, after a month the company has introduced 250GB HDD loaded PS3 Slim. New Sony PlayStation 3 250GB model cost will be $349. The console will be launched in North America from November 3 onwards at first.

New Sony PlayStation Slim with 250GB model doesn’t offer installing games on the hard drive. But a customer can download more than 2300 movies through the Sony PlayStation Networks.

American consumers will not be able to enjoy with any game bundled with Sony PS3 Slim model but European consumer will get bundle a game or 2.

The new Sony PS3 model will consume 34% less power than its previous model. It has 45nm fab process but it also runs on same clock speed. It has in-built WiFi and USB Ports also.

Both models of Sony PS3 – 120GB and 250GB will be a gift for North American consumers. These are the much awaiting consoles for Christmas gift.

These features will surly attract every customers of gaming consoles but currently it is only for North American consumers. 250GB model of Sony PS3 Slim is surly better than 120GB model. There are not much price differences also so; people will surely wait for 250GB model.

Market strategies of Sony is very targeted so, it has not launched for other country currently. Once the consoles proved its quality in the hand of quality consumers, it will be for other consumers also.

Currently, people of North America are waiting their dreaming consoles – Sony PS3 250GB model from 3rd November, 2009. They are not getting some good features despite; they are getting a good console as PS3 Slim with 250GB.

Nintendo Wii is More Reliable than Xbox 360 and PS3

Sunday, September 6, 2009

There is the biggest analysis of on gaming consoles. The company analyzed on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles and submits its static report. Its analysis was on about 16000 game consoles. Time period of analysis was over 2 years.

According to the analysis, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 fails within 2 years and similarly PS3 also but Nintendo was more reliable console than both. The analysis covers average reports of gaming consoles.

This report shows about 23.7% failure graph of Xbox 360 during the 2 years time period. Similarly, PS3 failure graph was 10% during the 2 years time period. Lastly, Nintendo Wii graph touches only 2.7% failure rate during the 2 years time period. However, the report shows that Wii users use their consoles half in comparison of Xbox 360 and PS3. In spite of, Nintendo Wii remained at the top and Xbox 360 has 3rd position.

This report is very surprisingly for game consoles users. This static report has made Wii more popular consoles than others. The report reveals “Malfunction” failure rate of 2 years period of time.

In this report, there is another issue of “red ring of death”. This issue tells Xbox failure rate was about 12% over two years period. In this problem about 11.7% issue was related to other problems just like – disk reading and display issues.

Disk reading was the biggest problem for PlayStation 3. However, there was the biggest problem of power failure issue with Nintendo Wii.

All the issues about gaming consoles had been analyzed and noted by There are a big analysis reports on the issue with graph and funnels. I was very surprise to see the report because till now I was aware about Xbox 360 as the best console. But now, I knew that Nintendo Wii is the best console. You can also analysis the report by yourself here:

Sony PS3 is real and cheaper in French

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recently, we got a rumor that Sony may announce a new PlayStation at the Gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany, on 18 August, 2009. The rumor is the most fruitful for Europe. In news a French retailer announced that PS3 is really on the cheap cost of 100 euros. According to the retailer, new system may arrive in stores next month but still not confirmed.

In the interview retailer said that the new edition of PS3 is in limited stock. The rumor is on the way and evidence allows us to think that new PS3 will come till next week. It is the good news for Europe people.

On the other hand, there is another big story related to PS3. The upcoming PS3 has dropped the sells of PS3 60GB. In new version of PS3 will be 80GB. People are waiting for new and sales have been dropped for old PS3.

According to the Japanese blog they are not taking pre-orders of PS3 after 9 August, 2009. “7-Eleven will no longer be taking "pre-orders" for black, white and silver 80GB PS3 after Sunday, August 9.”

There are still more questions remain about the price of new consoles. People are thinking that for new PS3 Sony will “drop the price on the entry-level model of the console to $299 to spur demand.” What is reality is not clear still.

In the market of gaming consoles we can’t take a long rest. So, there is a new console of Sony – PlayStation 3. What about the features and full functionalities, it is not clear still? It would be only in 80GB or any other functions will bring along with it?

So, the main topic is Japan. In the Japan 60GB PS3 is not selling out because of new PS3 rumor. What about the new, it will be decided today.

Microsoft Unveiled New Controller for Xbox 360 Consoles

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is not new news in gaming consoles world but it is one of the most popular news. In the month of June, 2009 Microsoft has unveiled its new controller for Xbox 360 gaming consoles at E3 in Los Angeles.

It is fully hands-free control system gaming consoles which will make users to use face recognition and motion sensors that allow playing games.

According to the Microsoft, it is still in the early stages and has been sent to all prototypes to the main game developers.

Mr Spielberg said about it,
"The video games industry has not allowed us the opportunity to cry, because we were too busy putting our adrenalin rush into the controller, or wherever we swing our arm with a Wii controller to get a result. Because of that, there is no room for a video game to break your heart. We now have a little more room to be a little more emotional with Natal technology than we did before."

In other statement he said,
"I think the technology looks very interesting but its success depends on the content and how easy it is to use. The other aspect is cost and how they will get it out to the user base.” writes,
“The company unveiled 10 new games for the Xbox 360, including Beatles Rock Band, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Tony Hawk Ride and Final Fantasy XIII.

And in a follow up to the news that Microsoft had signed a deal with Sky to show content via Xbox Live, Microsoft said it had entered a joint agreement with Facebook and Twitter to create what Mr Kim called "full integration" between three of the largest social networking sites on the planet.”

It was already leaked as per the It is the new aspect in gaming consoles industry. We are seeing as an upgrade version of Xbox 360 consoles. Still it is in the hand of developer to finalize.

A motion-sensing video game controller announced by Sony

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A motion-sensing video game controller announced by Sony. PlayStation consoles had complicated buttons and joysticks but now user will get a motion controller video game by Sony.

Richard Marks who is the Sony Computer Entertainment researcher provided a glimpse of the prototype controller in a press conference in Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Marks said to the ET, "It's more distinct and cool feature is a glowing sphere on the end that the PlayStation 3 eye can track. We want to enable gamers. We expect very casual players.”

Now, Nintendo Wii offers controllers shaped like television remotes. It is just like car steering wheels, guns and bathroom scales.

About it Economics Times online magazine writes, “Xbox 360 consoles equipped with Natal will be able to respond to spoken commands for actions such as playing movies or connecting online with friends for video chats.

An expected completion date for Natal was not disclosed, but Microsoft on Monday released a software kit for video game makers interested in designing titles to take advantage of Natal's capabilities.”

Now, it seems in the gaming consoles industry Sony has taken one more step to attract customers. This feature will surely increase Sony market again. However, Sony is already world’s top gaming consoles seller.

No New Gaming Consoles Arriving Earlier than 2013

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In an analysis, announced that till 2013 no new gaming consoles are arriving in market. It is the analysis of Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan who says that next round of consoles is not arriving earlier than 2013.

According to Pachter, “fiddlesticks, calling the notion video game software sales always peak in a console cycle's fourth year an "urban legend." The magazine also analysis that till 2010 a new console can launch in market but next generation gaming consoles is not arriving before 2013.

In the reason it has given some solid logic but last one is impressive, “...publishers will resist the introduction of any video game hardware technology that requires a refresh of software, as the publishers have as yet to capitalize on the immense investments made in being competitive in the current cycle. We therefore think it is likely that the “next” generation will begin after 2013, meaning that software sales are likely to grow by a compounded annual rate of 6 – 10% for another five years. Because R&D costs are likely to flatten out with the benefits of a learning curve, we expect earnings leverage as the publishers are able to exploit R&D investments. In brief, we think that investors have it wrong so far this cycle, and think that investment in video game publishers will bear fruit for many years. However, pessimism about software sales in April could limit share price.”

It is truth that the age is competitive for all the products and market. In the competitive age if a company launch only stylish hardware without updated software then surely, in the market it would be fail.

In other news there is a rumor of Apple’s game consoles. It is being said that in coming future Apple is going to launch a game console. If it is true then analysis is not true because it ignores Apple.

If Apple launches a new gaming console then it surely will be a new hardware with updated software for new generation. That will be different from earlier and in market it will get huge popularity.

Xbox 360 gaming consoles Prices slashed by Microsoft

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It is not new news but I went through online magazine where I found some great news about gaming consoles which was prices down. It was September, 2008 when the news was published and according to the news Xbox models will drop by $50 its prices. Basic model will be cheaper than Nintendo Wii.

The price of Xbox 360 will be about half of PlayStation 3. It will be only for US then after for Japan but according to the Microsoft there is no plan to down prices in European country.

According to the Microsoft, “We wanted price of the basic model to dip below the psychologically important barrier of $200. About 75% of all console sales have been made below that price point.”

According to the above mentioned magazine, “The $199 price applies only to the Xbox 360 Arcade which has a 256MB memory unit on board rather than a hard drive. Adding a 20GB hard drive could add up to $90 to the total cost.”

In last August Microsoft had already announced that prices of Xbox 360 would fall in September in Japan. About the European country prices cut Microsoft announced, “Pricing is handled on a region-by-region basis. We do not have a price drop in this region to announce.”

Michael Pachter who is an analyst at Wedbush Morgan said, “They've got to make it up by penetrating more households and selling more software.” According to him it is the decision of Microsoft.

After the announcement it is being said in gaming consoles industry now, Nintendo and Sony will be out from the US gaming consoles market in competition of Xobx 360 consoles.

Touch-Screen Mobile Phone by Samsung with Gaming Features

Saturday, March 14, 2009

There is a review of 1st 8 Megapixel camera mobile which is launched by Samsung in India. The mobile has many great features with games and gaming consoles. Whatever, we play a game on our gaming consoles are in the mobile features:

"Recently, Samsung, mobile manufacturing company announced to launch its 1st 8 megapixel touchscreen camera phone in India. The handset name is Pixen M8800. The phone has high image resolution of 3264×2448. It is auto-focus camera phone with face-recognition, Wide Dynamic Range and Advance Shake Reduction.

Its main key-features are GPS, WVGA video recording at 30fps, 3G with HSDPA support, Quad-band GSM support, microSD card slot, FM radio with RDS, TV out functionality, Bluetooth and USB v2.0, Office document viewer and microSD card slot. It has not the functionality of Wi-Fi connectivity, voice-guided GPS navigation and smart dialing.

Samsung Pixen M8800 has 3.2-inch large touch-screen which supports users to tap, sweep, and drag its widget by touching finger. Most famous widgets on the phone are weather info widget and Google Search widget.

QWERTY keyboard and onscreen handwriting to write SMS, email and other inputs comes with the M8800 touch screen mobile phone.

On the launch of Pixen M8800, Samsung Telecom Division country head, Sunil Dutt said, “Pixon is made for users who want to experience full multimedia entertainment on their mobile phone with the ease of a touch.”

Samsung Pixen M8800 has video player formats also including with DivX, Xvid and MP4. Brain Challenge, Diamond Twister and Millionaire-3 most popular games are pre-loaded with the famous phone. You can download most of the game also by online also on the phone. The phone has great browsing speed of 7.2 download speed and UMTS capability.

In India the phone price is Rs.28,750 which is below than iPhone touch-screen. Samsung has other touchscreen phone Samsung Omnia (i900) and Samsung TouchWiz (F480) which has only 5 megapixel camera.

Samsung Pixen M8800 will attract Indian users by its extra-ordinary key features. Its price is also affordable in competition of iPhone. No users has 8 megapixel cameras still so, the phone will fulfill the gap."

Halo 2 most playing game on Xbox gaming consoles

Friday, February 13, 2009

In a review of gaming consoles I found that Halo 2 game is most playing game on Xbox gaming consoles. I want to share that on gaming consoles blog. The news is from an online gaming reviews blog. Below is the news:


Halo 2 is the sequel of one of the most successful X-Box game Halo: Combat Evolved. It was a major hit in USA and other countries after its release on November 9, 2004. As it was the much awaited by game lover who were stunned by its prequel Halo 1, 1.3 million copies already been ordered before its release. Due to this record anticipation by game lovers it became the most popular video game of X-Box after its release.


Bungie Studio developed Halo 2 for X-Box initially. Later on Microsoft developed PC version of Halo 2, which was released on May 17, 2007. Pi studio also worked on its and developed editing tools, which helps players to create multiplayer maps.


Story of Halo 2 starts in continuation with its prequel Halo: Combat Evolved. Storyline depicts future of twenty-sixth century where humans have colonized a large part of galaxies and are engaged in war against an alien race called “Covenant”. Player portray role of “Master Chief”, a cyborg and main character of game. In addition to this there is one more playable character, “The Arbiter”. Some changes had been made in gameplay of Halo 2 which are pleasing to the players especially who have played Halo 1 before.

Thumbs Up:

Although Halo 2 is equipped with every thing that a normal gamer loves; excellent graphics, superb gameplays and many more but the most impressive thing is game’s story. In many ways it is superior to Halo 1, especially actions in game are outstanding. One thing that is worth noticing is its great multiplayer support with many customization options, which was unavailable in Halo 1. Graphics and game designing are so excellent that sometimes players can just look it at some point of time when they are clueless about where to proceed. Music and soundtrack of Halo 2 is again a winner to its prequel. Soundtrack of Halo 2 makes use of Ambient Sound technology and Dolby 5.1 Digital surround sound. A perfect blend of action and story gives you a great experience when you will fight to survive and to save the earth.

Thumbs Down:

Although there is no major down point of Halo 2, yet there are some cons such as short campaigns, minor graphical faults at some points and co-op mode of game is limited to split screen only. At some point repetitive gameplay as in Halo 1 may bore players. But, inspite of these shortcomings Halo 2 is a fun and a great adventure.


As Halo 2 was much awaited by game lovers due to huge success of Halo 1, it got great response soon after its release on November 9, 2004. Halo 2 grossed $125 million within 24 hours of its release in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA. During first week of its launch in UK, around 260,000 copies were sold thus making it as third fastest selling title in UK. Up to May 2006 it was crowned as best selling X-Box game of all times with more than 8 million copies sold throughout the world. Halo 2 was also appreciated by critics for its great soundtrack and included multiplayer option. Halo 2 grabs many awards such as Game Critics Award for best console game in 2004, Game Developers Choice Award and Interactive Achievement Award for best audio effects and sound design in 2005."

Source Via:HALO: 2 Game Reviews

Gaming Consoles Technologies with Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone T303

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

With the introduction of touch-screen mobile phones there is a major competition within latest technologies. Mobile phones are coming with latest gaming technologies which fulfill your need of gaming consoles. Now, you can enjoy all the gaming technologies like – PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo on your mobile phones in coming future. But in the recent age you need to choose latest technologies mobile phones which have latest gaming technologies and fantastic look. In this way I found a great mobile which was from Sony Ericsson. The model is T303. Sony Ericsson T303 has great look along with in the latest gaming technologies in the competition of touch-screen mobile phones. Read the review of Sony Ericsson T303 surely you will go through it. Below is full review by touch-screen review blog:

"Sony Ericsson again has launched a new mobile phone T303. I think it is in the competition of fantastic design phones. However, the phone is not a touchscreen mobile in spite of the mobile design will survive in the competition of touch screen phone.

The Sony Ericsson T303 is a highly attractive slide opening mobile phone which comes with easy-to-use functionalities. The mobile phone comes with a vibrant 1.8 inches TFT coloured screen which has a mirror glass display and displays up to 65K colours for the users to view and provides a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. This is a light weight handset and weighs just 93 grams with dimensions of 83 x 47 x 14.7 mm. The users can easily saved 500 contacts in its Phonebook. They can also easily view last 30 received, dialled and missed call details at any time.

The Sony Ericsson T303 comes with an 8 MB internal memory, which lets the users to store images and personal data. It is a GPRS class 10 enabled mobile phone which offers the users to access the World Wide Web without hassles. It has USB v2.0 and Bluetooth v2.0 technologies that allow you to share all type of data with other compatible device at high speed without any troubles. The users of this Sony Ericsson phone can also charge the phone to connect with a computer via USB port. The gorgeous device is available in two vibrant colour options of Shimmering Silver and Shadow Black. You can send/receive MMS with the support of MMS technology. The mobile phone can store up to 250 messages in its storage memory.

The Sony Ericsson T303 has a 1.3 mega pixels camera which provides a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels while capturing still images. The mobile phone camera gives sharp and good quality pictures every time.

It has FM radio with RDS technology which lets the users to display the song name or movie name, artist name and FM radio station identification details. The media player of the mobile phone can play MP3 files easily. It also has TrackID music recognition application which offers the users to record a sound clip of an unknown music song onto their phone and immediately receive a notification of the songs name, artist and album on the display screen.

A built-in WAP internet browser allows you to access the internet on their mobile phone by getting a rich xHTML internet experience. You can stay in contact with messaging contacts by multimedia or text massages with your friends and relatives. A text message which is known as a SMS message can contain text input and be shared with all SMS compatible devices. A multimedia messages which is known as a MMS messages can contain a picture with text and sound shared with other MMS compatible phones easily.

The phone comes with a unique calculator option which would allow the users in all type of calculations and that too at a very steady pace. It also has some other great useful features such as voice memo, built-in handsfree, calender, stopwatch and many more. These helpful functionalities make it a different mobile phone in its category. One time fully charged standard battery Li-Po 930 mAh (BST-3 8) gives approximate 9 hours of talktime and 400 hours of standby time, respectively.


After having reviewed the feature of T303 we can say however it is not a touch screen mobile phone but the features will lead the phone in the competition of touch screen phone because its design is fantastic."

Source Via :Is Sony Ericsson T303 Touch screen Phone: Review and Overview on T303

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