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Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS is on a verge to rule the market

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nintendo Wii Vs Nintendo DS

The Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS is on a verge to rule the market as these gadgets are incredible for playing games and listening to music. These gadgets can be used to play games on a television too by simply connecting them to a television. They can be controlled wirelessly due the presence of remote controls.

The Nintendo Wii is a marvellous looking device that is installed with a Broadway-processor that is capable of processing data at high speed. Its memory is large enough for storing games of all kind that are either downloaded from the internet or are gained after sharing with other compatible devices. The phone has ports and peripheral capabilities that make playing games on the device more entertaining. It has four Wii remote controllers besides card slots for making playing games on the device memorable. The SD memory card slot allows further expansion of the storage space. Memory cards of up to 2 GB can be easily fitted into this slot. Thus, the storage space is good for storing files that are either video or audio. Thus users can listen to songs and also play videos. The power consumption of the device is 18 watts, when it is switched on. In standby mode, the device consumes 9.6 watts power. This gadget can be easily connected to a television and thus users can enjoy playing games on a large screen. This gadget is now available free with mobiles or other such devices.

The Nintendo DS on a other hand, is also a gaming console with dual screen capability. This device weighs 275 gms and measures 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm. The handset has a 3D ARM946E-S CPU processes. This allows quick processing of programmes in-order to download games. The device has 4 MB RAM that allows people to store games however large it may be. So, the users find it possible to download and play games that are the best. The voltage required to run this gadget is 1.65 volts. With this voltage, the Nintendo DS can be used to keep on playing games for long duration of time. It can be used wirelessly. It also has Wi-Fi capability that adds a feature to its wireless network connection. The handset looks good and people can buy it as it come quite cheap. In fact, it is available for free with devices such as mobile phones.

Information about these devices is available on the internet. The Nintendo Wii comes absolutely free with certain gadgets and details about them are available on the internet. Users just have to open various websites that cater to providing details about the features and availability of both these devices. Online order for Wii as well as Nintendo DS can be placed on these websites. It is guaranteed that these devices would be delivered at the address mentioned by the buyer immediately after an order is placed.

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