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Sony PS3 Slim 250GB Model from November 3 onwards in North America

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sony PS3 Slim 250GB Model
Recently, Sony confirms about the PS3 Slim 250GB model. Sony 250GB PlayStation 3 gaming console is launching this year in November. Just, before a month ago Sony had announced to launch PS3 Slim 120GB model in $299 and now, after a month the company has introduced 250GB HDD loaded PS3 Slim. New Sony PlayStation 3 250GB model cost will be $349. The console will be launched in North America from November 3 onwards at first.

New Sony PlayStation Slim with 250GB model doesn’t offer installing games on the hard drive. But a customer can download more than 2300 movies through the Sony PlayStation Networks.

American consumers will not be able to enjoy with any game bundled with Sony PS3 Slim model but European consumer will get bundle a game or 2.

The new Sony PS3 model will consume 34% less power than its previous model. It has 45nm fab process but it also runs on same clock speed. It has in-built WiFi and USB Ports also.

Both models of Sony PS3 – 120GB and 250GB will be a gift for North American consumers. These are the much awaiting consoles for Christmas gift.

These features will surly attract every customers of gaming consoles but currently it is only for North American consumers. 250GB model of Sony PS3 Slim is surly better than 120GB model. There are not much price differences also so; people will surely wait for 250GB model.

Market strategies of Sony is very targeted so, it has not launched for other country currently. Once the consoles proved its quality in the hand of quality consumers, it will be for other consumers also.

Currently, people of North America are waiting their dreaming consoles – Sony PS3 250GB model from 3rd November, 2009. They are not getting some good features despite; they are getting a good console as PS3 Slim with 250GB.

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