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A motion-sensing video game controller announced by Sony

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A motion-sensing video game controller announced by Sony. PlayStation consoles had complicated buttons and joysticks but now user will get a motion controller video game by Sony.

Richard Marks who is the Sony Computer Entertainment researcher provided a glimpse of the prototype controller in a press conference in Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Marks said to the ET, "It's more distinct and cool feature is a glowing sphere on the end that the PlayStation 3 eye can track. We want to enable gamers. We expect very casual players.”

Now, Nintendo Wii offers controllers shaped like television remotes. It is just like car steering wheels, guns and bathroom scales.

About it Economics Times online magazine writes, “Xbox 360 consoles equipped with Natal will be able to respond to spoken commands for actions such as playing movies or connecting online with friends for video chats.

An expected completion date for Natal was not disclosed, but Microsoft on Monday released a software kit for video game makers interested in designing titles to take advantage of Natal's capabilities.”

Now, it seems in the gaming consoles industry Sony has taken one more step to attract customers. This feature will surely increase Sony market again. However, Sony is already world’s top gaming consoles seller.

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