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This Christmas Brings Fable III to the Windows

Monday, May 31, 2010

Fable III is one of the best thrilling games which come in the next installment in the franchise exclusively for Xbox 360 and PC. Recently, Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have announced to launch Fable III for Windows this Christmas. A Limited Collector’s Edition for the Xbox 360 will be available which will contain unique memorabilia and which will unlock additional in-game content.

The Limited Collector’s Edition has offering to its fans of the franchise unique collectibles plus in-box items. The box itself looks like a book from Fable III and its contents include a new quest, an exclusive location, Fable III playing cards, a Guild Seal Coin, a new dog breed, as well as a unique outfit.

About it, an online news portal about games writes, “The new quest lets players uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and acquire the legendary sword, Wolfsbane. The exclusive location featured in the LCE is ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures. The Guild Seal Coin has a Good side (blue) and an Evil side (red) which is supposed to help players make critical decisions. The new Boxer dog breed is known for its loyalty and bravery.

The Xbox 360 Standard Edition of Fable III will be available for 49.99 GBP (approx. Rs. 3,379) while the Xbox 360 Limited Collector’s Edition will retail for 59.99 GBP (approx. Rs. 4,055). The PC version of the game will be made available for 39.99 GBP (approx. Rs. 2,705) at retail and will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows Live.”

On the other hand, writes, “The collector's edition of Fable III looks pretty sweet: it comes in packaging that looks like an old-style leather-bound book, has a set of natty playing cards with Heroes, royals, rebels and villains from the kingdom of Albion.

There is a guild seal coin featuring a good side and an evil side, to help you make crucial decisions that will impact on your fate and the fate of Albion.”

So, it is the best news for game lover for this Christmas. You can go again in thrilling with this game.

Sony PSP 3000 in 3 Different Colours in India

Friday, May 28, 2010

Now, Indian people will get 3 more different colours of Sony PSP 3000. The gaming console will be available in 3 more different colours in Indian market. The news came in light recently when I was busy in searching about Sony PSP gaming consoles for India.

Now, the Sony PSP-3000 gaming console is ready to grab the Indian market for its new looks and cashing design. This is surly a good step from Sony to attract youth and youngsters towards the gadget.

Gaming consoles are the much-needed gadget in today’s world. In this situation, Sony brings three new colour variants of Sony PSP 3000 for Indian customers - Radiant Red, Blossom pink and Pearl white.

Sony has not only introduced 3 colour variants for PSP 3000 but it has offered in-built games also to attract its customers. These three new colours of Sony’s gaming console will be preloaded with - Loco Roco and Daxter games. These two games are priced at Rs. 999 in open market.

You can enjoy with videos, photos and sounds as usual other than playing games alone. The LCD screen of PSP-3000 offers maximum gaming fun. The console has Wi-Fi features also.

You can surf net also on the gaming console. These new colours of Sony PSP-3000 are available in Rs. 9490 in Indian market.

Sony has already grabbed Indian market by its best consoles. Now, the company tries to be a leader in the growing market. India is a growing market in the gaming industry. It will be known as the best market for gaming consoles in coming future.

These new three colours of Sony PSP-3000 will surly popularize the market of the company. Sony’s gaming consoles have a perfect market in India through the TV aids.

In this competition, HP launched HP swing motion sensing gaming console in Indian market recently.

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