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Nintendo Wii is More Reliable than Xbox 360 and PS3

Sunday, September 6, 2009

There is the biggest analysis of on gaming consoles. The company analyzed on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles and submits its static report. Its analysis was on about 16000 game consoles. Time period of analysis was over 2 years.

According to the analysis, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 fails within 2 years and similarly PS3 also but Nintendo was more reliable console than both. The analysis covers average reports of gaming consoles.

This report shows about 23.7% failure graph of Xbox 360 during the 2 years time period. Similarly, PS3 failure graph was 10% during the 2 years time period. Lastly, Nintendo Wii graph touches only 2.7% failure rate during the 2 years time period. However, the report shows that Wii users use their consoles half in comparison of Xbox 360 and PS3. In spite of, Nintendo Wii remained at the top and Xbox 360 has 3rd position.

This report is very surprisingly for game consoles users. This static report has made Wii more popular consoles than others. The report reveals “Malfunction” failure rate of 2 years period of time.

In this report, there is another issue of “red ring of death”. This issue tells Xbox failure rate was about 12% over two years period. In this problem about 11.7% issue was related to other problems just like – disk reading and display issues.

Disk reading was the biggest problem for PlayStation 3. However, there was the biggest problem of power failure issue with Nintendo Wii.

All the issues about gaming consoles had been analyzed and noted by There are a big analysis reports on the issue with graph and funnels. I was very surprise to see the report because till now I was aware about Xbox 360 as the best console. But now, I knew that Nintendo Wii is the best console. You can also analysis the report by yourself here:

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