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Microsoft Unveiled New Controller for Xbox 360 Consoles

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is not new news in gaming consoles world but it is one of the most popular news. In the month of June, 2009 Microsoft has unveiled its new controller for Xbox 360 gaming consoles at E3 in Los Angeles.

It is fully hands-free control system gaming consoles which will make users to use face recognition and motion sensors that allow playing games.

According to the Microsoft, it is still in the early stages and has been sent to all prototypes to the main game developers.

Mr Spielberg said about it,
"The video games industry has not allowed us the opportunity to cry, because we were too busy putting our adrenalin rush into the controller, or wherever we swing our arm with a Wii controller to get a result. Because of that, there is no room for a video game to break your heart. We now have a little more room to be a little more emotional with Natal technology than we did before."

In other statement he said,
"I think the technology looks very interesting but its success depends on the content and how easy it is to use. The other aspect is cost and how they will get it out to the user base.” writes,
“The company unveiled 10 new games for the Xbox 360, including Beatles Rock Band, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Tony Hawk Ride and Final Fantasy XIII.

And in a follow up to the news that Microsoft had signed a deal with Sky to show content via Xbox Live, Microsoft said it had entered a joint agreement with Facebook and Twitter to create what Mr Kim called "full integration" between three of the largest social networking sites on the planet.”

It was already leaked as per the It is the new aspect in gaming consoles industry. We are seeing as an upgrade version of Xbox 360 consoles. Still it is in the hand of developer to finalize.


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