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The Biggest Popularity of Xbox Live and Xbox 360 on Social Site

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the recent analysis, Microsoft revealed figure about the popularity of Xbox live. According to the analysis, about 2 millions users of Xbox Live have logged into Facebook social site. Similarly, about half million users have created an account on the in the first 24 hours. Number of Twitter users is same as the Xbox Live users.

The data is nothing but the popularity of Xbox Live in the social media. On the social site, Xbox Live has gotten good popularity in the recent days. Now, the user’s trends are very clear. Some users surly like to spend their time on Facebook or Twitter instead of watching movies or playing games.

On the other had, the biggest news is covered by MVC today. It is the biggest online shop of UK. It has concluded the sales of Xbox 360, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. According to it, Xbox 360 would be the winner of Xmas 2009 gaming consoles war.

Analysis of past 2 years is in the favour of Xbox 360. Sales of Xbox 360 were higher in comparison of Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii. However, this year, customers are much familiar with Sony when it cut the price of its console by £50. Customers are going with Sony also because of Sony PS3 Slim.

In the past two months, PS3 had gotten good popularity and its sales was about much higher than Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii but in the current month, sales of Wii is very high than both.

However, it is being considered that Xbox 360 will beat Nintendo Wii and PlayStation in coming December. Currently, sales of Nintendo Wii is very high than PS3 and Xbox 360. In the recent time, sales of Sony PS3 are very low in comparison of both consoles.

Increasing users on social media is the trends of more sales in coming future. On social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and – Xbox Live and Xbox 360 have created greater popularity. Sales trends are also in the favour of Xbox consoles. So, we can conclude our analysis in the favour of Xbox 360 gaming consoles as the Xmas consoles in coming month.


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